10-Steps to Lucid Dreams

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The most popular free lucid dreaming course on the net. Trusted by over 30,000 lucid dreamers since 2013.

"My name is Chris Hammond and I'm the Chief Lucidity Officer here at World of Lucid Dreaming. That means it's my job to get you lucid - no matter what!

I created this e-course to bring the skill of lucid dreaming to a wider audience, for FREE. With over 10,000 words of content spaced over 10 days of professional grade lessons, there's simply nothing else available quite like this on the web.

To be frank, there are lucid dreaming courses out there that sell for 100s of dollars and yet are of less quality that what we give away here for free in 10 Steps to Lucid Dreams.

~ Chris Hammond, Chief Lucidity Officer - World of Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid dreams offer you...


Direct and manipulate dream themes, settings and plots at will.


Seek out artistic imagery and technical solutions to apply in waking life.


Initiate profound conversations with your true self.


Overcome fears, anxieties and grief in the safety of your dreams.

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is for everyone. From 9-year-olds to 99-year-olds.

Children are known to teach themselves lucid dreaming using the intuitive methods described in this course. Even Alzheimer's sufferers - who may have severe cognitive problems - have lucid dreams as a side effect of their medication.

Lesson #1:

You already possess the natural, untapped potential to have lucid dreams.

Lucid dreaming was first scientifically proven in 1975.

In the 40 years since, numerous ongoing studies have verified more of its features using EEG (brainwave) and fMRI (blood flow) data. There is no question that lucid dreams are a real and measurable state of human consciousness.

Lesson #2:

Lucid dreaming has been scientifically proven in the laboratories around the world.

Lucid dreaming means knowing when you're dreaming.

Once you create the mindset to recognize when you're dreaming, you can have lucid dreams for the rest of your life. The more you desire to lucid dream and practice key lucidity skills while waking, the more lucid dreams you'll have.

Lesson #3:

Lucid dreaming requires an intuitive change in mindset that will overhaul your dreams.

What's in the course?

The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track Phase One: Priming

Phase One will broaden your understanding of the sleeping brain and start to lead you into the optimum mindset for lucid dreams.

You'll learn how to remember many more of your dreams, as well as specific guided meditation practices to produce lucid dreams.

This is a goldmine of information for beginners including background philosophy, tutorials, troubleshooting tips, first-hand insights and more.

Through the step-by-step lessons, you will discover:

  • The FULL SPECTRUM OF LUCIDITY - and how to achieve fully lucid dreams under any circumstance.
  • What lucid dreams FEEL LIKE - exploring aspects from feelings and cognition, to expectation and the unknown.
  • How to RECORD YOUR DREAMS - in the most effective way and harness your new dream journal for many lucid dreams.
  • How to BOOST YOUR DREAM RECALL - enabling you to remember up to four or five dreams per night.
  • How to HAVE YOUR FIRST LUCID DREAM - by practicing lucid waking and programming dream content.
  • How to RELAX DEEPLY - before incubating a lucid dream and drifting off to sleep. Learning how to relax is a lovely bonus!
The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track Phase Two: Induction

Phase Two will delve into more detail on how to initiate lucid dreams.

You'll learn some of the most effective induction techniques including hypagogic meditation, the conversion of sleep paralysis, supplement use, sleep cycle adjustment, visualizations, and more.

The idea of developing your awareness through meditation is emphasized to have minimal disruptive impact on your sleep patterns.

Through the step-by-step instructions, you will learn:

  • How to VISUALIZE EFFECTIVELY - and create intricate, deeply inspired dreamscapes while you're lying awake in bed.
  • Which DREAM SUPPLEMENTS to use - how to avoid wasting your money and target only the scientifically proven herbs that actually work.
  • How to identify SLEEP PARALYSIS - and transform it into the most vivid, mind-blowing lucid dream.
  • How to HYPNOTIZE YOURSELF - and plant the seeds of lucidity, priming you to have more lucid dreams each night.
Phase Three: Exploration

Phase Three transforms early moments of lucidity into epic lucid dreams that color your world.

You'll learn how to avoid common mistakes and maximize your dreams with my personal examples of unconscious dream principles.

By harnessing dream control for both fantasies and personal growth, you'll improve your waking life, feeling more liberated, more philosophical and more whole as a conscious human being.

Through the step-by-step tutorials, you will learn:

  • How to PROLONG and CONTROL YOUR DREAMS - with my essential principles in active lucid dream control.
  • How to STOP your lucid dreams from COLLAPSING - one of the most important skills to develop in your early days.

10-Steps to Lucid Dreams

Learn How to Lucid Dream in Daily Lessons, Straight to Your Inbox

The most popular free lucid dreaming course on the net. Trusted by over 30,000 lucid dreamers since 2013.