How to Have Your First Lucid Dream

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So you want to learn how to have your first lucid dream? Join the party!

Rest assured, you have come to the right place.

Whether you've dabbled in lucid dreaming without success, or have just recently discovered this wonderful mental skill and want to get started ASAP, I'm here to take you by the hand and show you exactly how it's done...

3 Ways to Trigger Your First Lucid Dream

Today's quick-start guide will cover some of the essentials.

First, commit yourself to learning this incredible new skill.

You'll be very lucky to start lucid dreaming the first day you hear about it (although it happens, thanks to the power of unconscious incubation).

Most people need to start with some background reading and mentally prepare themselves. This website is a good place to start.

A very simple 3-step plan for beginners to get going is to:

  1. Write down at least one dream in your dream journal each morning
  2. Perform at least 10 reality checks throughout the waking day
  3. Do at least 20 minutes of mindful meditation, day or night

Ok, I'm really skimping on the details. There's a lot more you need to know.

But so many people ask me for the most direct route to lucid dreams - and let's face it, you've got to start somewhere. This is the best place.

For most people, those are the basic minimum steps to start lucid dreaming, because they systematically train your mind to:

  • Remember more dreams, more vividly
  • Become more self-aware (observant of your reality)
  • Incubate your desire to recognize when you're dreaming

Other techniques I recommend will train you to:

  • Pre-program specific dream content and themes
  • Visualize your way to a lucid dream from waking
  • Recognize dream signs that trigger lucidity
  • Adjust your sleep habits for more lucid encounters
  • Induce lucid dreams via "out-of-body" experiences

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A Dream Herb to Stimulate Lucidity

Dream herbs can offer a shortcut to lucid dreams. They can produce wildly vivid and tangible dreams, which more easily become lucid when combined with your training.

Dream HerbMy favorite dream herb for beginners is called Calea Zacatechichi.

This dream herb was discovered by Mexican shamans to induce vivid and meaningful dreams. These are leagues apart from your regular dreams.

In one of my favorite Calea Z dreams, I lived an alien life that seemed to last for years, and followed complex and dramatic plots involving many characters. It was an amazing experience. Such dreams can be completely normal or out-of-this-world... they are intense and seem so real, that's why I enjoy them.

Calea Z may well lead you to your first lucid dream. That's because the realism will trigger you to recognize that you're dreaming (ironic, no?) It stirs the conscious brain and creates instant lucidity. Even if not, such dreams can certainly give you a taste of what an intensely vivid dream life can be like.

For more on this dream herb, be sure to read my Calea Z review.

The First Thing to Do When You're Lucid

When you realize that you're dreaming -- while dreaming -- it's important to stabilize your lucid dream using a few simple techniques:

  • Look at the palms of your hands and study the details
  • Rub your hands together and feel the friction
  • Say out loud "I'm dreaming!" or "Clarity now!"
  • Spin around and feel the sensation of movement

There is a method to this madness. Each of these techniques stir the higher conscious brain in one way or another. And that is the switch that will turn your half-lucid dream into a full blown lucid experience.

What Else to Do in Your First Lucid Dream

Once you have stabilized yourself within your first lucid dream, it's important to stay calm and simply explore your environment.

Generally speaking, don't try to do anything too fancy too soon, like teleport to the moon. It could prove too exciting and cause you to wake up.

How to Have Your First Lucid Dream

Initially, I recommend just walking or floating around, touching nearby objects and soaking up the atmosphere. Relish the fact that your fuzzy internal dream has just been transformed into a living, tangible virtual reality.

This will help you stay in your first lucid dream for as long as possible.

Just had your first lucid dream? Share it in our lucid dream forums.

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