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by malikpain
05 Dec 2012 03:36
Forum: Share Your Non-Lucid Dreams
Topic: Odd Dream
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Odd Dream

When I was a child, about 5 or 6, I had this very vivid dream. I still remember it to this da, and I've never even written it down. I was at a park with my sister and I was lying down on the bench. My sisters come up to the bench and sit down on my face. They start playing a hand game, while they st...
by malikpain
26 Nov 2012 03:59
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Confused
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I've been trying to lucid dream for about a month now, and it's just not working for me. I know I have to be more persistent, but there are people who get it within a week, and the fact it's taking me so long is aggravating. I've been writing down my dreams and doing reality checks throughout the da...
by malikpain
15 Nov 2012 01:18
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Just a question
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Just a question

Okay so is it possible for a person to be in your dream to be portrayed in a different body. To explain myself I'll give this example. In a recent dream of mine, a boy I know named Jacob was in the body of an overweight ginger boy, when in actuality, he is a skinny black haired boy. But for some rea...

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