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by Mathpro
10 Dec 2012 14:17
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Topic: Hi all.
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Hi all.

Hi all. Here is my intro:
I am fourteen years old guy form Bulgaria. I've recently found out about lucid dreaming and I find it awesome to be able to fully control your dreams. I am happy that I found this site because I believe it will help me to have LDs very often. :)
by Mathpro
10 Dec 2012 14:08
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Topic: Ages
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Re: Ages

by Mathpro
09 Dec 2012 20:43
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: Share your 1st LD here! :D
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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

I don't remember my first LD because when I was like 5-6 years old I had lots of lucid dreams. The problem is I never knew I can control them so every time I had LD I tried to wake up. :? Now I have lucid dreams much rarely. And after I found out there are techniques to LD I hope my Lds will become ...

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