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by Ilaezha
01 May 2011 15:35
Forum: Paranormal Activity
Topic: Life after death?
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Re: Life after death?

Two books I've found to answer a lot of life questions like "Why are we here?" are answered in the books Journey of Souls and Many Lives, Many Masters . I definitely believe in reincarnation and life after death, and that we are all here to learn some lesson, and we keep being reincarnated...
by Ilaezha
26 Apr 2011 02:49
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Hello from Rebecca at World of Lucid Dreaming
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Re: Hello from Rebecca at World of Lucid Dreaming

Hello, all! Rebecca, I love this site and the information has proven to be very useful. :) Thanks! I'm Samantha and I'm relatively new at lucid dreaming; I started learning about it almost a year ago, and I've read lots about it because the dream world and the science of the sleeping body and brain ...

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