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Lucid Dreaming Fast Track - Hypnosis MP3

Posted: 14 Feb 2014 09:39
by 13WAR08T
Hello, Rebecca Turner.

About two years ago I bought your extremely helpful and informative Lucid Dreaming Fast Track from your site (I have lost the receipt and email but I have a PayPal statement with the date and ID number to prove that I actually bought it). I got The Art of Lucid Dreaming and the Guided Meditation Handbook and have read through these, but I somehow lost or didn't download the Hypnosis MP3, which the books talk about in the WILD, meditation and hypnosis tutorials.
Would it be possible for me to buy/download it separately?

Since downloading the track I have had a very busy couple of years with study and work, but when I have taken time to concentrate on lucid dreaming, generally in the summer holidays, this course has significantly improved my recall and given me a few lucids. I would like to thank you for creating this valuable resource.