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Keep track of your dreams! Online dreamjournaling

Posted: 15 Feb 2014 16:01
by Zhitzu
Check out !

I've been working on this online dreamjournal tool.
The concept is, that you can store dreams in a database, and have a full overview over your dreams.
From here you can pull statistics over for example how many lucid dreams you've had, or how many OBE's you've had, etc etc.

At first I made this for myself, but after a little while I found it incredibly useful, so I thought I would share the concept to all lucid dreamers and dream-enthusiasts.

I've made a highly encrypted login-system so you can be absolutely sure that your dreams are private!
However, I've made a function that makes it possible also to share some of your dreams by choice to the public part of the webpage, where you can comment on each others dream experiences.

Over 100 users already uses dreamcount, and it's totally free, so go check it out :)

Re: Keep track of your dreams! Online dreamjournaling

Posted: 22 Oct 2014 21:31
by Derpybunneh
The site is suspended. :?: