the Claridream Pro thread

Discuss external aids which help you lucid dream including brainwave entrainment, supplements and herbs, lucid dream masks, and more.
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the Claridream Pro thread

Postby lucid_pancake » 22 Aug 2017 00:43

I removed the previous thread since it was a mess.

This is now the official thread for Claridream pro experiences / discussion :)

Full back story including change of ingredients from galantamine to huperzine-a:

The product has now been shipping for 1 month. It's still too early to measure formal feedback statistics from the crowd funding campaign, since it seems most people still haven't tried it yet (waiting for the right night.. not a major priority for them, etc.). I'll be collating and analysing feedback from the campaign over the next 6 months.

In the meantime there are 21 reviews on the main product page which pretty well reflects the reception so far.

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Attempt one

Postby Peter » 22 Aug 2017 09:00

Experiences with Claridream Pro
First up I am going to put supplements in context. I have used a few with great success, given some to my partner to try and she has little or no success and no lucid dreams from using them. They are not magic bullets and it still requires skill and experience to enter and maintain a lucid state.
My main entry for lucids is by WILD and that’s where I put my effort. One benefit of trying for WILD is there are a lot of lucid dreams as a by product.
I have used a few supplements, with Galantamine being the main one and good success. Also, coffee, cocoa, apple juice and a few failures along the way.
I have also had a lot of long deep lucids with nothing at all so the key skill is there and that always needs to be worked on.
Each supplement has a unique signature in how it appears to me at the HI stage and within the dream, this may not be the case for everyone.

Lets start with Claridream Pro - do I like it, yes. Have I been lucid on it, Yes

11/08/2017 took 2 Claridream Pro tablets, 2 - 300mg Alpha GPC
WB2B, up at 01:00am , back to bed at 03:00am
Pre-lucid, deep dreaming, lovely HI
Waiting for some signs of a WILD coming on, no symptoms of the mix being active. Had intense deep dreams and on verge of lucidity. Not sure how to classify this lot as it was cool, interesting and on the edge of a deeper dream with a cave of crystals that started to glow, get hot and then start to change my dream body.
“Healing for mum” A dream for my mother, put some energy her way
Asleep, no dream entry, just a creeping awareness from within the dream. Now moving in the hostel. The building not mine but an older version of mine and has a few secret rooms. This is a place I have been to many times. Enough of the same and a little different each time. A lot of students are there, moving around and some now outside. I walk with one of them, now run with one of them and we are trying to crest a hill. It gets steeper and I try harder, legs feeling like they are in mud, rhythm now and getting easier. Now the easy lope that is freedom and I enjoy the feeling. The road has now changed and I am standing on rolling ground that is made of stone. It looks like volcanic scoria and I start to describe the formation of this to the runner behind me. He is there, listening and has changed to a presence that I know well and one that has been there for ever. He just listens.
Looking at the rock I see a small cave around half a meter high and an arm’s length deep. It is full of crystals and they are glowing and pulsing with a gentle light. I am a bit hesitant and reach out to touch one. It feels warm and then hot and now starts to get very hot. My finger is glowing and all the crystals in the cave are starting to glow with a few small flames in places as well. I think about moving but deep down know this is not the right thing to do so continue to hold a little longer. I break it off and it get even hotter with my finger pulsing with energy and starting to become like the crystal. I look at my finger and see a round burn mark of pulsing energy and think that it is big enough to leave a mark for me to see when I wake up and tell myself to look for it when I do. I am wanting to move on now so place the crystal back and the light dims along with rest of the cave starting to quieten down.
There is another 30 minutes of decent dream time and it was vivid, intense and a lot of fun but won’t add to the post so will leave it.

The key elements of this dream are the vividness and length of dreaming along with the ease of recall. It was not fully lucid but what I call pre-lucid with thinking that the marks will be there when I wake up and with seeding the dream by wanting some healing energy to go to my mother there was a strong emotion content that always helps to get lucid or on the edge.
A great first attempt and use of Claridream Pro

I will follow up in a day or two with the second attempt and what I am thinking is the HI signature of this supplement
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Re: the Claridream Pro thread

Postby isuredreamalot » 23 Sep 2017 19:09

just ordered a bottle myself, should deliver by Monday. Will post back with results :D
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Re: the Claridream Pro thread

Postby lucid_pancake » 24 Sep 2017 05:15

Great, welcome on board, give it a good spin and look forward to hearing from you! :)

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