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Re: Existential Rant Place

Posted: 02 Jan 2018 03:23
I've decided to go salsa dancing with my confusion.

Re: Existential Rant Place

Posted: 02 Jan 2018 04:16
by Summerlander
I am gathering some pretty powerful stuff from all your posts, Hagart. You seem to be confronting certain realities that most people seem to avoid or pretend they are not happening. Some aren't even aware.

I think you can be as bold as those very few contemplatives who dare to ask, 'Why bother to be good at all?' And they examine the possible psychological reasons: To follow the rules like most people in a bid to fit in and be accepted; because one has a narcissistic tendency towards the expression of an ideal self; there is something appealling about ethics and morality; there is a fear of serious repercussions if one deviates from the norm or what is expected of oneself by others; being accused of behaving 'out of character' and so forth ...

You appear to want change. You seem to want to break free. I believe one of your current aversions is conformity. Would I be right in saying that you wish to try different approaches for the sake of interesting outcomes? Do you want to see fireworks? Why should the correct spelling of 'kaleidoscope' matter so much when something close gets the point across, right? Is koleidascope or Koleidosadkfjl mispelling the word if it's deliberate?

Go with your gut. Stick to your guns. Tell it like it is from your perspective. If someone says you're an asshole, you can always reply, 'Well, at least I'm something to you,' or 'What's your point? I'm not running for anything and I'm certainly not trying to impress you.'

It's all just matter in motion, Hagart. You can play with it. You can try to manipulate it whilst bearing in mind that you're an atomic set, too. You know what's ironic about matter? It doesn't really matter ... :mrgreen:

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Posted: 02 Jan 2018 06:24
I toss and turn about embarassment, but let's face it. I am having a meltdown.

But I am with my mother, and I told her so many problems and we have agreed to dose out alcohol until I get well. When I am well, I will be in my own skin and be able to report on all this.

Basically, there is something that makes us day dream and enjoy that loss an amuse ourselves. Ultimately, it's us we need. Call it what you will. Maybe it's just GABA, but I am over analyzing everything. That's the problem.

I'll calm down again. This is a bumpy ride.

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Posted: 02 Jan 2018 06:25
Yea, Summerlander.
It's ego death, but we can be reborn again.

We throw a fit in the process.

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Posted: 02 Jan 2018 08:19
by RedKryptonite
HAGART wrote:I love this. This should be taught in Sunday school.

I will watch more clips. This movie hits so many nails on the head.

Video was short but very insightful. (actually,I like it that way. I often don't really have the attention span to watch long-ass videos,hehe :mrgreen: )

Societal expectations/programming is indeed responsible for ruining a lot of people's lives. That goes from working a job they hate(if they are doing it for the long term),to being trapped in a religion they don't believe in anymore,to staying in a toxic or boring marriage(or even getting legally married in the first place,you can always just cohabit),to having children when they knew deep in their hearts that parenthood is not for them,etc.

I would say many of the above situations are,in a way,worse than having your life wrecked by drug addiction. it just so happens that one is a socially acceptable way to ruin your life,the other isn't.
I am frustrated that I am way smarter than her and aware

Same situation here. My mom is a bigoted religious extremist and completely blind to her own flaws(While she's nowhere near as clumsy as I am,there is no denying that she is kinda clumsy herself,and I inherited that trait from her). The difference between her views and mine is the reason we will never truly have a truly great mother-son relationship. Well,that and the fact that she is extremely needy. Her failure in the dating scene is probably the reason for it. Its a such a shame that she can't see that her own character flaws played a part into why she can't find a good partner ever since she separated from dad. sigh :roll:

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Posted: 03 Jan 2018 19:30
In case anyone's worried, I survived, but will tell the tale another time when I can sort out the memories of delirium.

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Posted: 06 Jan 2018 18:29
by amyramoon
I sometimes these days feel like there is no point to doing anything at all and that we might as well all things considered, do the absolute minimal amount of work and be lazy and sleep and dream all the time. However, I know that over time if I do this, I get worn out, upset with myself for wasting so much time and not working on certain things, and craving more stimulation. In general, there is no point to anything unless we get involved and make it matter to us in some way. It's so hard to change and make progress to go from one point to another and do something different from the norm. It's hard to follow through with goals, plan for the future, do something with your life rather than lay there and be lazy. Something is harder than nothing, but it's the only thing that is worth anything potentially. Lately I have been depressed and I don't know how much of it is existential or how much of it is brain chemistry and lack of emotional responsiveness in the brain for a genetic reason, a defect that got passed along somehow and that which I don't know how to effectively deal with. I'm learning though and trying to counteract all forms of ennui, making myself reach a state of contended bliss and carelessness, but apathy is the reason for a lot of inaction and later frustration. It's better to find a way to do something rather than not have tried at all. Even though I don't believe there is a greater purpose to anything unless we assign value to things personally and build up our own sense of purpose in our lives, I think it's worth it to live in every sense of the word. Perhaps we don't exist to do anything, but we can make it a point to force ourselves out of bed and stop dreaming, to focus on reality and what can be affected by our actions, and make a real difference in the lives of people.

I would prefer, above all, to stop being depressed and hopeless. To see joy in the little things and possibility in all chances that come my way. I want to go back to the manic feeling of euphoria and sense of bliss surrounding having figured it all out. I want to feel emotional responsiveness and be connected with everything around me at a mental level, with thoughts whizzing through my head about every which thing, with ideas being formed so that I can make use of them in witty conversation, fast paced relay of words and creative comebacks. Being involved in life is rewarding, and having the nerve or courage to do so is admirable, but sometimes it's just our brains, our vessels for outward experience, which need mending, and it takes time and effort. What is there to live for if not to be cohesive with the outside world, a part of everything else around us, feeling like we belong? I really need to stop living through my dreams and make some real memories at some point. All in good time...

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Posted: 09 Jan 2018 20:13
by 24/7/365
discontentment can be called motivation, It's a big world!

youth is wasted on the young

grab you balls or ovaries and get at it

Re: Existential Rant Place

Posted: 12 Jan 2018 04:15
by Summerlander