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Anybody else ever have a dream were you traveled back in tim

Posted: 19 Feb 2014 21:17
by esilemc00
It surprises me that I didn't become lucidin this dream, because I went and traveled back in time to third grade, the same year I had my first lucid dream, I went back in time and met myself, and the crush I had back then (lolololololol). The first thing was I was with my friends and we all agreed to go back and find ourselves. So I went and found the person I and liked then (once again lolololol) and asked them what they thought about me, and then my third grade self ran up and intervened the conversation and I felt funny watching my self from years before.. But I eventually go into this jeep thing with my friends and we all laughed at how dumb we were in third grade.. So has anybody else had a similar dream, and not became lucid?

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