They "wake up" with Love and Compassion

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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They "wake up" with Love and Compassion

Postby Marte » 12 Oct 2017 16:22

The most amazing thing I have learned by own experience, and being taught, so far, is that they come to life when one encounter them with Love and compassion. When I forget this it is like trying to communicate to uninterested stone faces, but when I am persistent and show them Love, they turn into the most adorable and sweet characters. I am only in the beginning of exploring, but it is so fascinating. I believe the dream characters is somewhat a manifestation of our inner, so far uncounscious (and often suppressed), self.

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Re: They "wake up" with Love and Compassion

Postby Brock » 04 Dec 2017 06:10

That is awesome. I can’t wait to try that approach in my next ld.

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