What you planned. What you did.

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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What you planned. What you did.

Postby LuckyMan » 08 Sep 2017 17:10

Hi there. Checking in from eastern Canada. Have been at this for 18 months, and am hopelessly addicted. But I live in an area where lucid dreamers are thin on the ground, sigh! Looking forward to tapping into the wealth of knowledge and experience I suspect is here in this crowd. My stats: 1st intentional LD after 30 days trying. Am now averaging one per 5-6 days or thereabouts. But I fear my LDs are still quite "low level." I approach LDing from a scientific standpoint, not real keen on dream interpretation, although one can hardly help going there when one journals copiously, right?
Am most interested at this stage in goal setting. Would love to hear from people who will share "here's what I intended to do" followed by "here's what happened" -- in a lucid dream of course. Thanks for reading. Wishing everyone all the best.

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Re: What you planned. What you did.

Postby baccuss » 23 Sep 2017 08:32

Nice! Sounds like you are doing more than great!

Have you read the yoga of dreams?

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Re: What you planned. What you did.

Postby Marte » 12 Oct 2017 20:54

Hello from south of Norway :)

I have only been doing this for approximately six months, and what triggered me to reply on your post is also my little experience from aspirations and planning ahead of lucid dreams. I'm totally in the beginning stage, however:

My aspiration in this particular example was to communicate with "my uncounscious self" (the dream characters). This aspiration is more or less with me during the day, and before going to sleep, like a prayer. The first time I had the chance to meet dream characters this way in a lucid state I got to cocky. I met a mob, and instead of trying to communicate on a genuine level, I just showed off my scills; flying through them etc. They were not impressed! Later nights, with the same aspiration adding a wish to be more genuine and helpful, the communication and experience has matured a little.

I experience that if I have a bad feeling/difficult emotion before going to sleep; trying to visualize these emotions as dream characters (not literally, but kind of inviting them in my sphere instead of trying to force them away), it seems to trigger lucidity during night, especially with the above aspiration in mind. I have not experienced this so often it can be regarded as evident that it is so, but it's definetely a working hypothesis that is also healing in its own way.

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