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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Posted: 09 Nov 2017 17:18
by Delarose
TotallyLegit wrote:I was lucid I'm a dream, but the finger threw hand reality check didn't work. Any ideas why my finger couldn't go threw my pan?

I did experience that. Try to be more focused and aware while you do reality checks and mix 3 of them together. I usually count my fingers, jump to see if I can float and try to remeber what I did before. Focus while you do them and try to be more present in the moment. Hope it helps.

Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Posted: 09 Nov 2017 17:22
by Delarose
Nico wrote:At first I'm 13 years old. I've found that lucid dreaming is very interesting. I only like WILD method for LD. But I have some problems. At first, I don't like waking up at 5 am because my alarm clock sounds a lot and sometimes it wakes my parents or sometimes I don't remember I have to wake up at this time to induce an LD and I sleep normally. It's also scary for me having a WILD at 5 am because of the sleep paralysis, so I normally try WILDs while taking a nap. My dad also finds this very interesting and he sometimes sleep in my room so I don't freak out. Ok, normally when I try WILD I watch the LD subliminal video ( , then I go to my bedroom, turn on my ipod to listen to binaural beats for LDs and try to relax. The neariest experience I had to LD (I think so) is that after seeing those figures (hypnagogic) I started to see flashes, but as I was taking a nap and binaural beats stopped, I stopped focusing because of the noise that my brother was making and I "woke up". Was Iclose to LD? The last thing is that I also try WILD at 10pm. Could that work?

PD: Sorry for my English, and I tried to explain as far as I could

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It’s easier at the beginning with DILD. Do 10-15 reality checks a day and be mindful. Those daily habits will soon show also in your dream state. And read books about lucid dreaming. Start with La Berge. Have fun!

Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Posted: 20 Nov 2017 17:20
by chubes619
i tried for my first time last night using the wake to bed method and everything seemed like it was goin well. i got myself into sleep paralysis and was fully aware of it and of my intentions but i couldn't cross the gap from random hallucinations to an actual dream. i felt like i was getting close but i started hearing my dad who's been in the hospital for awhile from the hallway so i jolted out of bed and ended up just going back to sleep afterwards. basically what i'm asking is how do i get from the sleep paralysis stage to an actual lucid dream. thanks for any tips.