First LD :) (semi-lucid)

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First LD :) (semi-lucid)

Postby Nico » 28 Mar 2012 22:11

I wrote this day the word "NO" in my hand as a reality checks, so, in the night, I tried MILD and I ahd a dream and blah, blah, blah, then I asked myself if I was dreaming and looket at my had. There was the word "YES" :shock: and some other strange words (smaller ones) and I talked with dream people that I met and then teleported to another place. I felt very calm, but I didn't thing of nothing but flying. So I started flying. It felt very real and I felt I was impulsed. I said "clarity now!" like 2 times in the dream but I think I lost lucidity because for example there was an avalanche in the dream and I ran instead of stopping it. Any tips? :mrgreen:

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