WILD issues

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WILD issues

Postby Boneflower-girl » 20 Jul 2013 11:37

Well, so I attempted my first WILD last night... Some of the things were typical (numbness, tingling...) and I think I was doing all right, but then I had some problems.
I got a STRONG pressure inside my mouth, and when I "let it go" my mouth opened and my jaw moved a little too, and then stopped. I knew that it was to reach the right position to sleep, though, but someone else has experienced this? So bizarre. :? After that I was fully paralysed, which at the moment I thought it was like "being cotton stuck into a too small jar" lol. But the real problem here was that at some point I started salivating, and HAD to swallow. I tried to focus in other feelings/stuff which helped sometimes, but ultimately I did swallow 3 times :D Any tips on this?
Also, later, my right arm started to hurt. I didn't worry because when my right leg was in the process of paralysing it did hurt a little, but the strange thing was that by that time I was fully paralysed... And no, I wasn't dreaming... And it wouldn't stop :? In fact, after some other troubles I woke up and it was still hurting a little (later it stopped). Is this normal?
And twice I had the crazy spinning tunnel feeling, I was so close, BUT I am afraid of OBE, I wanted to appear in a dream, and didn't know what was going to happen... So I ruined it all by overthinking...
But after all I won't give up!
Any help or advice will be very appreciated.
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