Completely new, but willing to learn

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Completely new, but willing to learn

Postby Opossum » 12 Apr 2012 06:18

Hello all! I didn't even know lucid dreaming was possible until a few days ago, but i've been trying to do as much research into as possible, as it's what i've been dreaming of for a long time, no pun intended. I'm wondering what the best way would be for me to go about attaining this wonderful ability. I can rarely recall my dreams, but i've only been having six hours of sleep on average. I'm hoping that's the main problem, because i have the extra hours to give for it. I tried WILDing the last two nights, and though i now know that's for more advanced dreamers and i never achieved lucidity due to me falling into regular sleep, i did remember my dreams which is rare for me. I also am starting a dream journal to aid in my recall. I was wondering what the best method would be to attempt to achieve lucidity, any tips to aid in dream recall, and a rough timeframe for how long it will take to have my first lucid dream. I'm under no illusion that this is a quick, overnight thing, however. I expect to work at this for a long time and from what i've read, it will be more then worth it.

Thank you for any assistance you can share!

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