Lucid dreams and sleep paralysis.

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Lucid dreams and sleep paralysis.

Postby Tontonredz » 07 Jan 2014 01:26

Well, first, hello to everyone, I've been fascinated by lucid dreams since I discovered it on 9gag.
I researched it for a while but never committed to it. 2 weeks ago I found this website and said to myself, okay let's do this.

My first real experience of trying to lucid dream was sadly an horrible sleep paralysis. In my dream I was in my room and I kinda figure out I was dreaming but when I tried to go forward, me eyes opened themselves alone and I wasnt able to move for 20 seconds, with terrible hallucinations and creepy sounds. Luckily I knew about sleep paralysis and I wasnt that afraid like I went to sleep right away.

My seconde experience was 2 days after my first one. Still a sleep paralysis, same kind of thing, trying to move in the dream and waking up to hallucinations and creepy sounds.

My third experience was a lucid dream ! In my dream I spontaneously told myself, I'm dreaming, and at that moment my dream felt SO REAL, I cant believe the level of reality a lucid dream can be up to. It lasted for 5 minutes and then I woke up BUT in my dream and then I told myself again that I was still dreaming but this time I was able to walk around for only 30 seconds and woke up sadly.

My fourth experience was today morning, sleep paralysis again, I tried to grab something and woke up to hallucinations etc...

So my question Is, how can I not fall into sleep paralysis that often and have more lucid dream ratio ?
(I know you can get a lucid dream from sleep paralyisis, but I think I'm not ready, sleep paralysis is still pretty scary even If i'm not traumatized about it)

Sorry for my english, I'm french.

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