Am I getting closer?

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Am I getting closer?

Postby KungFuPanther » 17 Jun 2014 15:28

So, following sovinek's intialization process last night, found here:

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And also using the ADA technique yesterday, I had a few dreams last night. One of those dreams were about a certain movie I like called Black Lightning, only thing is the ending (and by ending I mean the entire last half) of it was totally different from the original movie. I realized that it was not the original, so I spent the rest of the dream looking around for the original movie.

Now, I could have used this as proof that I was dreaming, right? Does this mean that I am getting closer, because I half realized this inconsistency while in the dream?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks :D
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Re: Am I getting closer?

Postby Shibby30 » 19 Jun 2014 03:15

I've cycled for years doing the LD work and stopping it, so I've pretty much have the steps that I see down. Here's a list of my experience:

1. Begin working on dream recall and basic techniques.
2. Begin to remember vague dreams or flashes of dreams in the first place.
3. Dreams become more coherent, some small stories and themes emerge.
4. Emerging sense of narrative and emotion in dreams.
5. Remembering at least one or two major parts of dreams or whole dreams becomes a nightly occurrence.
6. General sense of self as part of or actor in dreams.
7. Heightened sense of volition in the dreams, being an active player but still believing the dream.
8. Sense of reflecting on the dream, as if thinking about the dream like you would think in everyday life, but interestingly still take the dream as real.
9. Begin to have small moments of realizing one is dreaming. Usually very brief.
10. Begin having LD’s in a slowly increasing accidental frequency.
11. Refine techniques and work on dream stabilization.
12. Truly begin LD journey.

As you can see, it takes me many steps at times of becoming aware of things in dream and not even become lucid. Last night I changed my race in one dream, in another I changed the dreamscape itself. I didn't even become lucid. I just knew I could do those things. Sometimes I just spontaneously realize I'm dreaming. Sometimes I'm self reflecting on the dream the whole time and am still not lucid. Most authors and lucid dreamers don't talk about all the intermediary steps before becoming fully lucid. To me they mean that you are becoming more aware in dreams. Keep going!

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