Pulled out

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Pulled out

Postby DarkAngel » 07 Jul 2012 02:15

Hi I have been lucid dreaming for a couple of years and had to develop my own techniques and had to practice to become lucid. I thought I was the only one until I found this site. Most of the topics have helped me a bunch but I need help with one more. I use a method I call the 'Push'. It is when I, in best explanation push my consious into my body in a dream making me lucid instantaniously but it has its limits. I always feeling this tugging sensation as if I am being pulled out and have to consentrate to fight it. I have relaxed myself and did all the reality checks when posible and even set a goal. My dreams usualy have a conflict I have to have to face or escape from when in the dream making it imposible to relax and do reality checks. If I create anything or start using and special abilities the tugging sensation increases. Can anybody help me, my dreams are almost always lucid so I can practise, I am fifteen so you can imagine the dreams. especialy a game player. Thanks :twisted:

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