Supplements not helping. Please Help.

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Supplements not helping. Please Help.

Postby veajawad » 14 Jul 2012 06:20

Hello Friends!
How are you?

I am practicing lucid dreams since 6 months. I had at least 4 to 5 LDs in 6 months and a lot dreams per night. I do dream journaling, reality checks, reading a lot of articles from internet.

Last night I decided to try supplements because i read a Lot about supplements on internet. People gave amazing views about supplements. So i thought I should try those supplements for Vivid Dreams, LDs, WILD, etc...

I bought Reminyl (Galantamine 4 mg) and Citolin (citicholine/CDP Choline).

I went to bed last night by 1:00 am and woke up by 4:30 am and took 1 tablet of Galantamine 4mg and 1 tablet of Choline with water and read lucid dreaming articles for 30 mins and then went to bed again for sleep.

Real issue starts from here. I didnt felt anything. I got normal sleep and woke up by 10:00 am and didnt got any dream, any sensation, any LDs. Its like I didnt took any supplement. And after i woke up I am still normal.

Why I am not feeling effects or side effects of these medicines? How can I achieve vivid dreams, Wilds,hypnogogia sensations using supplements?

Please help me.



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