Where To Go From Here

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Where To Go From Here

Postby tophergdavis » 18 Jul 2012 02:34

So I have been trying to train my mind for the past week now. I am performing reality checks every time I use the bathroom, and receive a text message, so that I am sure to do them often and evenly spread throughout the day, as well as when I wake up, have a moment of deja vu, or there is a thunder storm or talk of thunderstorms arise (as being in a tornado is a recurring dream I have had my whole life). I have also been keeping up with my dream journal when there are dreams to remember, and have recorded five thus far.

On my third day of trying, I did a guided meditation when I got home, then decided to take a nap since I was falling asleep during the Meditation. While I was asleep, I had a dream in which I did reality checks, which failed and I realized that I was dreaming. I couldn't fully become lucid because I felt like I was about to wake up and was scared that I would wake myself. It wasn't until my wife called me and woke me up that I realized just how asleep I was and I thought that I I had only gone for it in the dream and "woken myself" that I would have gained full lucidity (or at least better lucidity).

Now with my entire life story being said, here I my question. Since that day, I seem to have hit a road block and at times feel like I have actually regressed. Today, being exhausted from a hard day at work came home and did a self hypnosis session and went to take a nap and try the WILD technique. As I had just done the self hypnosis, I was already fully relaxed and was able to easily identify the Hypnagogic State. Once I felt the pulsing in my head mentioned in the WILD article that signals the onset of sleep I started picturing my dream scene as vividly as possible (A real physical place that has personal meaning to me so the visualization was vivid down to the scents and tactile feeling). I could feel the effects of sleep paralysis beginning but could never seem to actually fall asleep and begin the dream. After about a half an hour at that state I finally woke myself up. Although I feel very relaxed, sleep never actually came and as such nor did a dream much less a lucid one.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go from here?

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