Any tips? (I'm a beginner)

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Any tips? (I'm a beginner)

Postby aquase » 10 Apr 2017 18:59

Hi, I'm new to lucid dreaming and stuff. I've been keeping a dreamjournal for the last 3 days (that's when I started) and I'm doing RC's very often (I still need to find a common event that happens often in my dreams, so I can do RC's based on events; like going outside or something like that).
I was wondering if there was any more I could do to improve the chances of a lucid dream.

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Re: Any tips? (I'm a beginner)

Postby ProdigalDreamer » 05 May 2017 04:49

The journal is one of the key elements IMO. Keep up with it and read it at least maybe once or twice a day. One way I would turn a dream lucid would be to grab or hold an object and somehow this would always do the trick for me. The light switch method works too (try turning on lights) or looking at your hands. Keep any of those in your mind while reading your journal and it should click.

Also I believe it's nutmeg and warm water that will help induce the state as well but you may want web search that to see if it comes up elsewhere.

Good luck

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