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Postby mephisto » 28 Jun 2017 22:48

ı am aware that ı am dreaming and ı test it by holding my nose and breathing and looking at my hand and ı shout that ı am dreaming and rub my hands to clear things till now everything worked but ı could not control it ı wanted a unicorn ı imagined it ı shouted that ı want a unicorn but nothing happend ı try to fly that did not work too ı dont know what to do when ever ı realize that ı am dreaming ı cant control anything ı search for it and try a lot of things but did not work

sorry for bad english .ssss :oops:

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Re: controling

Postby naturespirit » 04 Jul 2017 22:01

For some dream control comes naturally, for others it takes practice. What is important is not to become frustrated with your ability.
Once you become lucid, make sure you are not just lucid, but lucid lucid. You can't be wandering around the dreamworld semi-drunk.
If the scene is blurry, a well known trick is to yell 'Clarity Now!' to clear the mental fog.

Stabilize the dream by rubbing your hands together (this engages sensation to your dream body)
If everything is calm, proceed with some basic exercises, such as lifting a small pebble with telekinesis. Perhaps you could destroy the pebble, summon a new one... Start slowly.

P. S
An extremely useful trick is to walk up to the mirror and think about what you want to see (a unicorn with you).
You will see it in the mirror, which means it must Be BE NEXT to you!

Sweet dreams.
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