Any tips on RC and prolonging my LD?

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Any tips on RC and prolonging my LD?

Postby Perkyboyjnr » 17 Sep 2017 02:10

Hi I'm new to this sub forum and sorta new to lucid dreaming, I've never had a stable lucid dream every time I realize I'm having a lucid dream it feels like about 5 minutes until the dream collapses and I wake up. Also a thing with these lucid dreams is that they've never been provoked by a reality check, I don't recall a dream where i have performed one just every now and then when I have these unstable lucid dreams it feels like my 6th sense kicks in and I just know that I'm dreaming. So my question is are there any tips you can give me to provoke a reality check while dreaming? (because I feel like to check my hands in a dream i would have to be lucid to provoke myself to do so...) And like I said my lucid dreams are very unstable, so could you help me with making them last longer and prevent myself from waking up. Thanks for the help and i think I'm gonna like this sub forum :D
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Re: Any tips on RC and prolonging my LD?

Postby baccuss » 23 Sep 2017 09:30

and look at your hands.

They may...and probably will change shape. Then you know you are dreaming.
If they do not change shape.
You are more advanced than I am and I cant help you. Smirk

at that point....

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