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Please help me identify this problem.

Posted: 29 Jan 2018 21:34
by ipot2
Hi all,

I may be in completely the wrong place for this but if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd be extremely grateful.
For the past few months I have experienced a dream whilst awake when going about my daily business.
This dream is recurring and I would class as a 'nightmare' and have had this dream multiple times as a child but now only experience the sensations when awake as an adult.
I can not recall the dream at all, but I am 100% positive I am experiencing this dream whilst awake. Sensations include time moving faster, my head buzzing, almost a nauseating feeling and my eyes go slightly funny.
I almost feel as though I am inside a fishbowl, seeing and hearing fast speed muffled conversations, although my vision is clear and I'm not psychotic.

This is something I can live with as each 'dream' only lasts around 5 minutes, but I would like some more information on this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Please help me identify this problem.

Posted: 11 Feb 2018 02:31
by jasmine2
Perhaps you are experiencing some type of mild epilepsy.

I recommend -
Website - Epilepsy Society -

See section - Epileptic seizures - seizure types
- Example - absence seizures - or focal awareness seizures
- Also - medications

Your doctor may recommend a referral to a neurologist.

Do these episodes ever happen while you are driving? It seems like that might be dangerous.

Best wishes.