Some newbie questions.

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Some newbie questions.

Postby LucidCub » 07 Aug 2012 20:24

I have been trying to lucid dream for over a month but my efforts are grinding to a halt.
At one stage I was trying to WILD (no luck), I wrote a dream diary (helped a little), Tried to do reality checks (usually forgot).

I recently bought the REM dreamer which I'm hoping to have some luck with but I need some advice on what type of LDing I should attempt (not just with the REM dreamer) and also I want to know if learning to LD is easy. Another question I have is whether lucid dreaming is any different to day dreaming. Does a LD actually feel like real life except when you do impossible things? All my dreams are really bad quality, as if I'm wearing dirty glasses, will my lucid dreams be the same low visual quality?
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