tricks and tips for staying still???

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tricks and tips for staying still???

Postby alteredstates » 13 Aug 2012 11:49

Hey all! I managed to have waking sleep paralysis twice today, first before 6am and 2nd around 8amish. I woke up at 3am, did some exercises and stretches for LD, did STOP DROP AND ROLL, tensed and untensed my muscles whilst counting and tried to stay put. Took me a while to start having auditory hallucinations- very interesting stuff and not as scary as i thought it would be from all the things people say online phew! Didn't see an old hag sitting on my chest cos i was wearing a sleeping mask and enjoying the sensations :lol: . My sleeping has been irregular because of all the different techniques i've been using. I did see some images when the "rushes" eventually came on and they were mostly random and some were fleeting. One looked like a view of a backgarden from the kitchen inside a house. One image even looked like a television set when the aerial is being tuned before any images comes on. I did see patterns but briefly the 2nd time, and felt a lot of swaying and saw what looked like a cartoon playing, but i don't think i was controlling anything. I'm guessing this is the hypnagogic state they talk about? It just feels like you're watching tv and your mind is the tv. My only issue is that i find it hard to stay in one position and i begin to feel uncomfortable and itchy, hot, nauseated, stomach growling and all sorts of distractions. i moved around about 5 times post 1st sleep paralysis and pre 2nd one after I managed to move my body after breathing in deeply.The good thing is I've discovered a pretty swell position i can SP but i can't stay there for long it seems. What tips and tricks should i use to stay put and will this increase my chances of having a full WILD where i can actually control stuff?? It's been a while since i LD'ed and i miss it! :P :mrgreen:

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