my first introduction in lucid dreaming

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my first introduction in lucid dreaming

Postby Dreamer25 » 26 Aug 2012 23:00

Hello all,

so like 2 months ago i was just sleeping/dreaming and that my dream characters bring make me some food and told me it was some kind of spaghetti made of iron and chocolate... somehow there i got awake that i was dreaming or aware, i don't know how i did managed to do that tough.
I see it as a welcome to lucid dreaming introduction or somthing.. anyways when i was there lucid i just started to eat that food.. it felt real and it tasted good :o but then i stopped eating becourse i wasn't sure if its healthy that feeling in my stomach or something in my dream, i can't remember alot like how much longer i was lucid or what i did more.

just it was nice experience just that 1 thing bothers me is i can't really remember or think why my dream characters didn't talked to me at all when i was "awake in my dream" it was nice that they bring and made food i guess it was a welcome gift, btw i was for sure pretty comfortable with the dream scene i got in.


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