Lucid Dream machine?

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Lucid Dream machine?

Postby wowi132 » 17 Dec 2012 22:12

I,m just wondering
Have anyone had any experiences with these? Do they work? Which one is the bets

I,m personally thinking of buying remee's.
But can anyone give me some advice on this?

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Re: Lucid Dream machine?

Postby lumencryster » 19 Dec 2012 07:02

I've never tried a lucid dreaming machine and i'm not quite sure what it is actually(i'll just assume its a device that helps you lucid dream), but if you want i'll share part of my philosophy.

lets say i'm training for a swimming event for next fall. my coach takes me to the Mississippi and tells me to cross to the other side(i live two blocks away from it). will i be a better swimmer by using a bridge to cross to the other side or by swimming? the other side may be beautiful, and some people might not have the time or motivation to swim there. while bridges do have their advantages, they wont make you a better swimmer. so i guess you have two choices, both with pros and cons.

however learning to lucid dream is not quite so black and white. just having a lucid dream itself can make a world of difference in learning how to get there. also yes, things like dream pillows and WBTB alarm apps for your phone are "bridges".

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