I'm always failed ... can any body told me why??

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I'm always failed ... can any body told me why??

Postby Hardy » 02 Jan 2013 18:50

hi all ..

I'm really tired .. I'm trying to have lucid dreaming from about 5 month ago .. and I have done just 4 times !

I really like the lucid dreaming but there are many problem face me ..

I will told you what I'm doing every night ..

first I'm put my headphones ..

then play the brainwave entrtainment ..

and relaxing .. but I feel itchy soooo much

then I wait and wait and wait ...

there nothing happend .. why?????????????????????????????? do I some thing wrong ??

NOTE : the brainwave entrtainment is still playing while I'm relaxing ..

after I'm waiting .. I'm really tired .. then sleep ..

and when I wake up .. I cant remember what did I dream .. or mybe .. I havn't dream any thing

I want to have a lucid dreaming by any way ... Idont care if via WILID or MILID or any thing ..

little qustion: when I'm relaxing .. should I move my eyes or not ??

plzzzzzzz help //

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