hello there (introducing myself and questions)

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hello there (introducing myself and questions)

Postby xJOLLYROGERSBOY » 06 Aug 2011 01:48

Hi, I'm new to Lucid Dreaming and I want to introduce myself and possibly get some advice or pointers on some strange things I've been noticing. I first learned about LDs about two years ago from a friend who was going to attempt to begin lucid dreaming, he would draw a large letter A on his hand at school in order to remind himself he was awake but he only did that for about a month and then he lost interest, but the idea stuck with me and recently I've decided to see what this is all about. Since then I've had three LDs: the first was triggered by realizing I was flying, the second was triggered by realizing I was dreaming through a reality check, and the third was triggered by a coin that would never land tails. My first question I guess is if its normal for the triggers to be inconsistent. I have also been worried that I'm not truly lucid in my dreams and maybe dreaming that I'm lucid (as this has dominated many of my thoughts for several days xD). If anybody could answer these questions for me I'd be very grateful.

tl;dr I'm new to Lucid Dreaming and I would like to know if A:its normal to have inconsistent triggers, and B:if it's possible to dream I'm lucid and not actually BE lucid

I'm very excited to explore my dreams and I hope I get better at controlling my LDs with time :)

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