No control, Stuck in a lucid dream

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No control, Stuck in a lucid dream

Postby emlang3 » 02 Apr 2013 18:45

I began to research lucid dreaming because I was having nightmares where I'd be "stuck" in dreams and having countless false awakenings, to the point where I was scared to go to sleep. Once I realized the possibilities that come with lucid dreaming, I was able to figure out how to turn these horrible nightmares into opportunities for lucid dreaming and for the most part, it has been amazing.

However, I'm still struggling with control. This really only happens when I take naps or I'm extremely exhausted (often if I'm hungover from the night before). It feels as if right after I close my eyes and drift off, I wake up (in my head) instantly knowing that I'm dreaming, but I won't be in an actual dream setting, it will just look like nothingness. It's a little bit like I am closing my eyes while awake - it's just kind of dim and blurry - only if I look down, I can see my body. I try to create some type of dreamscape by imagining, for example, a park, and sometimes that works, but often it manifests itself weird or only half way or not at all, and then it's back to the nothingness.

Does anyone have similar experiences? Or any advice as to how to get out of this "nothingness" I described?

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