Lost my lucid abilities :(

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Lost my lucid abilities :(

Postby joumaamhd » 16 Jul 2013 23:07

Hey everyone ;) it's my first post here... I thought that you people may help me:
After several months of trying, and thanks to this site, I had my first lucid dream the last summer, and since then, I started having lucid dreams more and more frequently: I could induce them whenever I try, and I had many spontaneous ones. I used WBTB and DEILD, I also could induce them from sleep paralysis (I used to have sleep paralysis since my childhood), and WILD had never worked for me! I enjoyed them, although most of them were less interesting than the expected, because I weren't conscious enough to remember my dream plans.
And then, I did the biggest mistake of my life. The last Mars, I decided to take a rest, and stopped working on my lucid dreams... Now I stopped having lucid dreams, I even stopped remembering my dreams! And nevertheless, I stopped having sleep paralysis!
So I decided to ask for help here: what should I do? And from where should I start? I'm really unwilling to start from the beginning so I'm asking for advice :(

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Re: Lost my lucid abilities :(

Postby Je-Je » 17 Jul 2013 08:59

I think the better is to restart all over.
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