12/28/13 Dreams

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12/28/13 Dreams

Postby blazing » 28 Dec 2013 20:33

Dream 1:OMG
I woke up surronded by my old school. I went to my old classroom I said "OMG" outloud. I realized my voice sounded like my 9 year old self. "Raspy Squeakish-Like" (Most 9 year olds have that voice.) Before I had puberty. I murrmured to my self "god I have to go through puberty all over again?" Well 2nd Puberty or something like that. (First day of 3rd or 4th Grade I belive 3rd)
I couldn't really tell It was my 3rd grade classroom I just don't recall.
I looked in the mirrior I looked like my younger self except errrrr anime spikey long hair.
Thats all I could remember
Dream 2:Zombies
It took place in my old school and current middle school. I was normal. Except later I am ben tennyson....just a normal day with zombies oooooooh boy. The scariest part is where Gwen from Ben 10 starts trying to kill me. But I bust a cap in her head. I remember I was the only survivor left. I hijacked a car and drove to my house. The middle school was quoriteened forever!

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