Real or not?

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Real or not?

Postby wotto » 10 Jan 2014 14:52

I have been having much success with dream recall. My problem is this: I have conversations with people in the dream state. However, when I wake up, I believe that I actually had these conversations in the "waking" state. After thinking about the conversation a while, I realize that was part of a dream that I had.
It gets confusing. Did I actually have this conversation while "awake" or in a dream? The line is getting blurred. Does this make sense to anyone? Is this normal?

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Re: Real or not?

Postby Xtreme_Walrus » 10 Jan 2014 23:14

One of the only downsides of lucid dreaming or having better dream awareness is you can sometimes have false memories. I believe it has happened to me a few times. It's normal
"I woke up in between a memory and a dream" -Tom Petty

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Re: Real or not?

Postby HAGART » 11 Jan 2014 23:14

I heard this before countless times, and must admit it myself.
When you lucid dream you can't help but question reality.
It comes with the territory.

I still have no concrete answer, but as a lucid dreamer I am open to the idea that reality is an illusion. It can drive you mad or you can embrace it and consider yourself unique and dare I say... enlightened.

The choice is yours!
We all have the wool pulled over our eyes, but turtleneck sweaters are so damn comfortable.

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