Is this a good idea to get a LD?

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Is this a good idea to get a LD?

Postby wispulation » 15 Jul 2014 22:27

Ok so in 2 weeks i am leaving town to go to London i am going sightseeing (you know to things like the London eye madame Tussaud etc) and because I am going there people say the more amazing stuff you see he better chance you'll have a vivid LD so i was just wondering if this was true because if so i will have a really good and vivid LD
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Re: Is this a good idea to get a LD?

Postby HAGART » 16 Jul 2014 06:46

I actually don't know, but there might be an element of truth to it.

You'll be experiencing things outside your normal, mundane routine. Make a habit of questioning, "This is not normal for me. Am I dreaming?", as you go about your day. It might just work. We don't ask that question when making toast in the morning and doing our laundry, but a break from normal habit, and a full day of being exposed to new things might actually help. Even if not lucid, I bet you'll get some interesting dreams just by breaking the normal habitual routine of daily life.
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