Template Reality Reprogramming

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Template Reality Reprogramming

Postby Merlin » 05 Jan 2015 22:22

Hi Guys, new member here. :D

My name is Richard (Aka Merlin on many forums), I own a forum MerlinWorld.com/forum where we are testing all kinds of techniques to master the Law of Attraction and these days, we are testing Lucid Dreams.

Not sure if you are familiar with Bashar (a channeled entity by Daryll Anka) and if you are not that's fine but watch this last 5 minute sample where he talks about Lucid Dreams and a thing call The Template Reality, where we seem to edit our life's destiny or at least the main events of our day to day lives.


I'm doing research on LDs, mostly because of this Template Reality here that can be accessed by a Lucid Dream.

So who better to ask about this than experts on LDs right? :lol:

In his video Bashar talks about connecting with our Higher Mind and asking for guidance as to what is that Template Reality thing? Is it real? Can we really edit our lives? If so how? etc...

You get the picture?

So, anyone here who does LDs regularly would like to try to access their Higher Mind and ask about or know about this Template Reality Reprogramming?

Thank you,


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