I believe I can fly!

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I believe I can fly!

Postby Beethoven » 12 Jun 2012 18:55

Hello dreamers!

Years ago before I developed "Can't become lucid anymore syndrome" I had quite a bit of success by forcing myself to stay awake and using my imagination the best I could. This often induced hypnagogic imagery which I've always thought of as a kinda half a lucid dream. There were several times when I knew I was gonna become lucid cos the hynagogic imagery was SO good. It's amazing how it comes on easily sometimes and sometimes it's like it doesn't exist!

Anyway, there is one definite thing for sure. Imagination makes it easier to become lucid. I used to study the detail on beautiful landscape photo's so I could recreate them in my mind to make imagining that I was flying easier. (Phew! You wouldn't believe how long that took to put into words!)

Well, when I couldn't get lucid to save my life, I had a brainwave which I was convinced would work, but didn't. BUT... Nothing worked so I've decided to try it again over 10 years later!

I bought a great video (Yes a video!) called "Idaho: An Arial Tapestry" which was basically a plane or helicopter filming the scenery as it flew over it. My intention was to imagine it was me flying as if I was having a lucid dream. I thought that watching the video a lot would make it much easier to imagine flying in bed. (I need to get out more!) And it would induce more flying dreams cos of being on my mind a lot.

Finding arial footage years ago wasn't that easy but YOUTUBE is full of it!!! So I'm gonna have a good think of ways I could use it to good effect.

Happy dreaming!


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