Odd HI

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Odd HI

Postby satopnek » 20 Jul 2012 01:51

Last night I had a very odd HI. Or at least to me it seemed odd.

I had been attempting to do WILD and was having pretty good HI when I started to see the words "Lucid dreamer" in the HI as if written in a very small font like computer print. There were many (maybe 20 or 30) instances of these two words and they were all on either a perfect 45 degree angle upwards or downwards in a pattern that seemed to float towards me. I really thought wow, this might turn out to be a good Wild attempt. Unfortunately my young son had a bad dream and came to wake me up and I lost it all.

Has anyone ever had something like this happen? I thought that the dreaming mind had a hard time with words and these were all exactly the same size with perfect letters. For about the last week and a half I have been watching that subliminal video that Rebecca has posted. Could this video have something to do with it?

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