Longer lucid dreams?

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Longer lucid dreams?

Postby tylucid » 24 Jun 2017 10:37

Good Morning folks!
This morning I had a brief lucid dream for the first time in months. I can't recall what happened exactly, but i am absolutely sure i was lucid. I remember being in a bathroom on the second floor of an old building, looking in the mirror and then realizing i was dreaming. I counted my fingers and the right side went all hazy. I told myself that i was dreaming and to stay calm so i don't wake up. I walked around the room, looked out the window and then told myself to float...and it worked. Well, i was hovering off the ground. AND THAT'S ALL I REMEMBER!? I think its because i actually told myself to wake up and then i immediately forgot. This is some good progress for me as I've been doing several reality checks DAILY.

My question: IS there any technique I could practice to achieve longer lucid dreams? I would really like to have more time to leave the room at least!
Thanks in advance :mrgreen:

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Re: Longer lucid dreams?

Postby mila » 03 Jul 2017 22:58

This doesn't work for everyone, but since you already had a short lucid dream, I think practicing is the best thing you could do.
I have always had "weak" lucid dreams (like being able to hover or wake myself up), but whenever I was constantly thinking about lucid dreaming/doing reality checks they would be stronger and last longer, just by trying over and over again (till I was able to fly for a very long time or walk through walls)
so keep doing what your already doing and be determined!

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