Structured Guide to Lucid Dreaming with Exercises

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Structured Guide to Lucid Dreaming with Exercises

Postby naturespirit » 30 Jun 2017 02:32

This thread is for lucid dreamers of all levels to practice tasks to improve their overall performance. Feel free to ask questions or comments about lucid dreaming, as well as suggestions for future exercises.

Exercise 1: Pockets
1. Become lucid.
2. Stabilize yourself by rubbing your hands together.
3. Observe the scene calmly.
4. Empty your pockets and explore the contents
OR find objects from the overall scene.
5. Dream journal where you were, what objects you found, and what you think they mean.

My experience (complete exercise first):
Road to Lucidity (L) (G)
I become lucid via WILD. My pockets are empty, but I refuse to give in. I ask confidently 'Okay. What are the objects?'
Suddenly I am in blue. White Arial text types the following:
Lamb tooth
I wake up, but only remembering the dream 5 minutes afterwards. The time is 6.20

Exercise 2: Pockets 2
Last time we thought about the meanings of the objects by ourselves. Now we can get an answer.
1. Repeat steps 1-4 from above.
2. Choose an object you find most intriguing.
3. Ask the dream calmly what it means. You might hear a voice, the scene might change, or something completely unexpected!
4. Dream journal as much as possible, even minor details.

Remember to feel free to ask questions, make comments and post your results!
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