I get stuck in my dream

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I get stuck in my dream

Postby Hiddeninnocence » 14 Sep 2017 04:43

Please excuse me if I put this post in the wrong spot. I haven't used a forum in well over a decade and I'm a bit rusty.

I honestly can't remember when I started lucid dreaming if that is what I am doing. I discussed this issue with a very close close friend and she mentioned the term lucid dreaming and thus I find myself here.
It used to be infrequent so I never paid much attention to it. The last several months, however, I've been "lucid dreaming" a lot and it's been really fun and refreshing but lately I've been getting stuck in my dream.

I am very much aware I am dreaming but when I know it's time to get up I can't wake up. Well, I kinda do but not physically. I feel like I am getting up, putting my glasses on etc but I'm not physically up. Does that make sense? I started setting an alarm and it worked for a while but today I took a nap and my dream was awesome but I knew it was time to get up and I started reaching for the awakeness (I just made that word up) and then I got stuck. I could hear the alarm but it seemed far away and it didn't shock me awake like it used to. I was literally stuck in the in between. I knew I was dreaming I clearly knew it but the dream wouldn't let go.
I woke up when I started to panic about picking my children up from school on time.
What is this?
How did this happen?
How does this happen?
How can I get control over it again?
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