Lucid Dream or is my brain messing with me?

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Lucid Dream or is my brain messing with me?

Postby Tombo46 » 19 Sep 2017 14:57

Hi everyone. I've only recently started delving in to the idea of lucid dreaming. When I was a kid I always used to think sleep is a waste of time and so much could be accomplished if we just scrapped it altogether. Obviously, as I've grown older I've learned to love precious sleep but I still feel like those few hours every night could be more productive.

About a year ago I also had a couple of guys break in to my property, I ended up fighting both of them off and and while I "won" I ended up sustaining a few injuries. I'm also not a fighter so the whole experience stuck with me and resulted in pretty severe nightmares most nights (all focused on me having to defend myself from attackers). I ended up looking in to the possibility of taking control of these nightmares and that led me to lucid dreaming.

I am very new to the concept however just doing light research and being aware of/thinking about lucid dreaming has already improved dream recall massively. As well as this, I believe I have had my first "lucid" dream. I say "lucid" because it was all a bit underwhelming. I have read peoples first experiences of being lucid within a dream and it usually consists of incredible detail and how they went on to explore amazing things. My "lucid" dream went a bit like this...

I was competing in an off-road motorcycle race. I ride motorbikes off-road in my real life but I do trials and not racing. Everything appeared normal and I can recall very specific details about the race. The time my brain started thinking "Something isn't right here" was when I won. This was for 2 reasons. Firstly, My skill level wouldn't have been anywhere near enough to win and secondly, the motorcycle I was riding was very expensive and I'm absolutely skint!

After evaluating these facts I realised "Hang on. This HAS to be a dream". At this moment, there was no sudden amazement. It was just me recognising that I was in a dream, fairly calmly. I remember thinking about my real life and I knew all the specific details, as well as how I'd been looking in to lucid dreaming. I then said to myself "If I am dreaming, I should be able to jump really high" so I tried. I jumped about 5 stories high in a pub car park (promptly scaring the crap out of myself upon the realisation that I have to LAND). I landed fairly messily and that was about it.

Now my dream recall has become a bit hazy here. I remember being back on the road I grew up on, trying a few of these jumps. After succeeding a few times I decided to try and fly, and while I did get off the ground, It was like I was trying really, really hard (arms outstretched and the lot!) but not getting much higher than a house.

After this point, I can't remember anything. I'm trying to figure out if what I had was an actual lucid dream or whether my brain was just playing tricks on me and making me dream about having a lucid dream due to the research that I had been doing. Another possibility was that I became lucid and became so preoccupied in jumping/flying that I simply slipped back in to a dream where the focus was me trying to jump/fly?

Regardless of what it was that I had. My dreams recently have been a lot more pleasant and also much more memorable. Hopefully this is the start of something really cool.

Thanks for reading, all the best.


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Re: Lucid Dream or is my brain messing with me?

Postby erichsa » 19 Sep 2017 19:46

Regardless of what it was that I had. My dreams recently have been a lot more pleasant and also much more memorable. Hopefully this is the start of something really cool.

Yes Tom you are doing great. Your right attitude should be the key to a pleasant dream life. It does to me. Also our website has an enormous wealth of information. I find the forum is used more for opinion and chatting, but most information can be had also free of charge on the website.
Have Fun :)

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Re: Lucid Dream or is my brain messing with me?

Postby goldenrose » 23 Sep 2017 04:51

Okay. First off, yes, that would be considered a lucid dream. A lucid dream, by definition, is when you are aware that you are dreaming. There are, however different levels of lucidity. It sounds like you experienced the lowest level, in which you know you are dreaming, but are powerless to do anything about it.

I recommend you look up the levels of lucidity. This website has an article on it, actually, but there are many other systems. They all range from your level one all the way to being in complete control of oneself and the environment.

In order to be more in control, make sure to perform reality checks even after you realize you're dreaming. Touch everything, too. The tactile sensation will stabilize the dream, making it easier to focus. Just keep trying, write down your dreams every morning to make them more vivid, then once you know you're in a dreamscape, stabilize yourself. With enough practice, you'll be able to do whatever you want.

Happy dreaming :D
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