Lucid Draming Beginner Questions

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Lucid Draming Beginner Questions

Postby Jeremy521 » 28 Dec 2017 05:10

Hey guys I got 3 important questions lol I'm a beginner and I'm trying to get my first lucid dream
1. It's 11:30 PM I feel asleep and woke up at 1:36 am I was gonna perform WBTB but I couldn't do it because I ended falling asleep and waking up at 1:36. So I decided to do meditation for 18 mins and when I was done I performed Mild and attempted to go back to sleep. I had my eyes closed and everything but then my body became numb and I started to feel these tingly vibrations in different parts of my body. I thought I was gonna go into sleep paralysis(super scared of that) and start hallucinating so I started moving again. My question is did I unintentionally do WILD and enter almost sleep paralysis or was I about to have a lucid dream?
2. My second question is I'm struggling with WBTB every time i set my alarm to 6 hours later after I sleep, I wake up early than my alarm! What is the next thing I should do?
3. If I perform WBTB and Mild to get my first lucid dream, what are the chances of me waking up during sleep paralysis after my lucid dream?

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Re: Lucid Draming Beginner Questions

Postby 24/7/365 » 28 Dec 2017 21:14

Q.1) A.1) sounds as if you broke the chain of events because of fear

Q.2) A.2) wbtb appears to have less potential for you

Q.3) A.3) don't know

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