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Multiple dreams

Posted: 03 Jan 2018 13:07
by eaglehawk
So after 3 days if re starting my journal where I’ve had fragmented confused dreams which I can’t tell are memories or just tiny dreams but I wrote them done anyway. Last night though I had three fairly vivid dreams but still with a bit of confusion but everyone time I begin to wonder about something or get confused my dream whisks away Those thoughts. Also this has happened a lot - I have a dream about whatching tv then suddenly I’m in the movie/ play and it gets confusing because I’m in I’m out and then I’m in then I’m watching tv again my dreams just got so confused and don’t make sense not just with the tv dreams but with most dreams it all very malleable and not structured idk

Re: Multiple dreams

Posted: 11 Jan 2018 18:18
by 24/7/365
in lieu of reflect shine: insert anal ogy. my apogees to you

light the fuse and get past the con text