Cognitive question

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Cognitive question

Postby aamorim » 26 Jun 2011 03:37


I am psychology student and I was reading your book (very good one btw) on page, well.. actually I don’t know the page (it’s 68% on my Amazon kindle) and you said: letters are hard to read in a dream because the language centers of the brain are shut off. Ok, but a question that came to my mind was... how can I speak to the characters of my dream then? I think that the “Broca's area” can be on, but the "working memory" generaly is off on LD.

What do you think about it ? Also maybe that is the reason that we cannot see hours in a digital clock either. I always do "digital wrist clock" reality check, thanks Laberg works like a charm for me ...

All the best
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
--Carl Jung

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