So Close!!

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So Close!!

Postby Alexd333 » 05 Jan 2013 21:09

So Ive been writing down all my dreams I can remember, my body seems to dream thoroughly one night and i wake up remembering most, and the next night I wake up blank, I dont rule out the possibility but its pretty much the way my body seems to work.

I woke up this morning after 2 vivid dreams, and I was quite happy as i remember most of them, I wont bore you with the long dreams but twice in the dreams this happened - I meet a work collegue at work, everything is different inside the work and changing, we begin to have a conversation about lucid dreaming! he says to me "hey alex, i've been trying to learn to lucid dream, but always forget to become lucid in them" " I replied "oh, did you forget to do your reality checks" he then says "no I did them" after that I cant remember the answer he gave me. Second was a family member appearing in my dream shortly after, she has woken up and we were walking through a strange warehouse scene, "she turns and says to me as we are walking "you've made me become lucid" we walk a little further and she says "am I still dreaming?" I turned round, raised my eyebrows and smiled at these 2 people chilling on the floor...

Im hoping these are good signs of getting close to becoming lucid. I also bought the fast track download for christmas (a good shout btw - and full of lots of detail)

It is a shame I didnt pick up on the lucid convo and do a reality check, still - good things come to those who wait :lol: or some old naff like that....

Hope everyone has a merry Xmas and New Year

For a dreamer, night's the only time of day.

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