What am I doing wrong?

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What am I doing wrong?

Postby Thyraize » 22 May 2013 15:40

I started off trying to LD back in februari, that took me a few weeks, but then I managed to have regular lucid dreams. Only then, my life got in the way, and I went through a pretty rough time so I let LDing loose for a while. All LD's I had in that period where extremely short or scary - a man tries to shoot me, I brake the gun, 'wake up' and then find him next to my bed, to really wake up. I continued doing RCs and my dream journal, anyway.
Things got better overhere and I picked it up again two weeks back, concertrating on LDing at night, figuring out some more dream signals and RCing more often, but it just won't happen anymore. I've tried all I can think of, and the best result was a dream that woke me up the second I tried to an RC days back. What can I do?

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Re: What am I doing wrong?

Postby DeltaV » 22 May 2013 16:06

Keep on doing whatever you are doing. You might have done it before, but you lost it after taking a break, so you have to do it all over again. Just wait and expect to have lucid dreams.
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