was it lucid?

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was it lucid?

Postby megabjarne » 24 Nov 2011 03:51

I had my first lucid dream a couple of days ago, it lasted for about 15-20 seconds,
But now i have trouble remembering it (i did write it down), and im not sure anymore
If i were lucid, maybe i just dreamed about flying? Is this possible? I did the reality check
But does it always wake up you brain? And i dident have any trouble flying or creating the
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Re: was it lucid?

Postby R99 » 27 Nov 2011 07:32

its a semilucid its just the beginning, try wake back to bed technique. the problem is first ur mind wakes up in a dream and become lucid, when u got the attention of that dream and if its enjoyable u probably get along with it and ur mind fall in sleep again, then the lucid dream become an ordinary dream.it hapended to me some times. next time if u get lucid try to focuz on it before u get involved in to it. and one more thing trying realitty checks wont help u if u dont pay attention to it. some realitty checks wont help everybody. next time when u do realitty check in a dream remeber to is it working or not, if its not working dont try to do it again in the same dream. i hope u understand coz my english is not that good enough :) TAKE CARE AND HAVE A GOOD luciddreamNIGHT.
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