A very interesting DILD

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A very interesting DILD

Postby RustyMinecart » 08 Jan 2014 07:00

I had a really vivid and stable LD the other day, but how I got in it is the most interesting part. I woke up in the morning (It was still dark out) and went back to sleep. I dreamed that I was in the hallways of my school. I walked down the hall a bit, and stopped. I thought "The last thing that I remember is being in bed. But I couldn't have gone anywhere if I was just in bed, therefore, this must be a dream!". It was interesting that I remembered being in bed last, and was even able to use logic with my messed up dream brain (You know, when you see a purple cat on the ceiling and you are like "Oh no, I need to go deliver potatoes to that cat!")
Anyone else done something like this?
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Re: A very interesting DILD

Postby HAGART » 08 Jan 2014 07:24

Yea, a lot of my dreams start out with me waking up in odd places when I try to stay conscious, going back to sleep. One time I woke up on the floor in a house I use to live in 5 years ago! A part of me must have remembered that I was in bed just a moment ago. They don't always become lucid and I still have the messed up dream logic, but other times, if I simply stop for a second and try to rationalize it and think how I got there, it can click.

There have been a few times in which I wake up, there are people all around like family members visiting, and I get annoyed with them. I'm try to go back to sleep in hopes of a lucid dream, but I can't because they are making too much noise! Stupid me didn't realize I was already dreaming! It's amazing how soon my logic and memories of waking reality can get turned off and I get duped all the time when I try to WILD, but I do tend to start dreaming of a bed (or floor) and get up as if I had just been sleeping.
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